our exclusive 20-year u.s. patented* anti-oxidant blend

*U.S. Patent No.9,126,061
Green Tea
Grape Seed
White Tea
Goji berry
Red Tea

Each June Jacobs product contains our powerful patented* blend of six anti-oxidants to combat the visible signs of premature aging.

This blend of extracts provides protection against free radicals while simultaneously making the active ingredients even more effective.

what are free radicals?

Skin cell destroyers
Triggers premature aging
Causes sagging and wrinkles

where do you get them from?

what are anti-oxidants?

Youth preservers
Prevents cellular damage a common pathway for cancer & other diseases
Free radical defenders

how we protect you

Our exclusive blend of fruits and teas outperformed anti-oxidant activity against the most widely used ingredients. The collection of our exclusive patented blend provides superior protection as opposed to their individual counterparts.