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June Jacobs Pore Purifying Essentials - Gift Sets - Blemish Control - 3 Pieces - 225-923

A collection of our powerful Blemish Control Essentials that contains everything you need to cleanse, tone and clarify the skin.

June Jacobs Hydrate and Nourish Essentials - Gift Sets - Hydrate and Nourish - 3 Pieces - 225-922
A collection of our best-selling Hydrate & Nourish essentials that contain everything you need to cleanse, treat and moisturize skin.
June Jacobs Mini Masque Quartet - Treat - Masques and Peels - Hydrate and Nourish - Detoxify and Renew - 4 Pieces - 225-921
Enjoy a Mini Masque Quartet of 4 best-selling masques to hydrate, nourish, detoxify and renew skin to perfection.
June Jacobs Radiant Glow Self Tanning Lotion - Sun Care - Protect - 3.8 fl oz - 219-105
This deliciously scented, greaseless self-tanning lotion provides a rich, golden, natural-looking tan that lasts.
June Jacobs Creamy Cranberry Cleanser - Cleanse - Hydrate and Nourish - 6.7 fl oz - 210-102
This hydrating creamy cleanser provides moisture to the skin during the cleansing process and imparts a bouquet of fresh cranberry.
June Jacobs Serene Green Tea and Cucumber Body Care Essentials - Hair and Body - 2 Pieces - 225-918
Indulge your skin and shower yourself with serene green tea and cucumber. The luxurious formulas in this gift set leave skin smooth and revitalized. 
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