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June Jacobs Cleanse - Skin Care
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June Jacobs 3 in 1 Cleanser - Men
This three in one cleanser removes dirt and excess oil and can be used on the face, body and hair.
June Jacobs Anti-Aging Blemish Control Foaming Cleanser - Cleanse - Blemish Control - 5 fl oz - 310-106
This clarifying cleanser with salicylic acid thoroughly cleanses oily skin and reduces blackheads and blemishes. 
June Jacobs Citrus Cleansing Bar - Hair and Body - Cleansing Bars - 2.6 oz - 320-111
This luxurious cleansing bar is enriched with skin softening shea butter, rich tropical oils and soothing botanical extracts.
June Jacobs Citrus Shower Gel - Hair and Body - Shower Gels - 6.7 fl oz - 220-101
This botanical purifying shower gel, with a delicate bouquet of citrus, gently sweeps away surface impurities and helps skin maintain its natural moisture.
June Jacobs Cooling Cucumber Cleanser - Cleanse - Calm and Repair - 3.8 fl oz - 210-101
Calming and soothing, this cleanser gently sweeps away surface impurities with cucumber extract, a natural astringent.
June Jacobs Cranberry Hydrating Toner - Cleanse - Essence / Toners - Hydrate and Nourish - 6.7 fl oz - 212-102
This hydrating toner is enhanced with cranberry extract, a rich source of vitamins, minerals and flavonoids, combined with sodium hyaluronate and jojoba seed extract to enhance the natural moisture of skin.
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