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June Jacobs Anti-Aging Blemish Control Spot Treatment - Treat - Serums - Blemish Control - 0.5 fl oz - 313-109
This fast acting spot treatment with salicylic acid clears and prevents blemishes while blue daisy, arnica and chamomile extracts help to calm, soothe and reduce skin redness.  
June Jacobs Brightening Serum - What Is Brightening Serum - Bearberry Extract Serum - Treat - Serums - Brighten and Clarify - 1 fl oz - 213-107
This brightening serum is formulated with lactic acid and vitamin A to promote cell turnover reducing the appearance of skin discolorations. 
June Jacobs Elastin Collagen Serum - Elastin and Collagen - Treat - Serums - Firm and Tone - 1 fl oz - 213-103
This powerful anti-aging serum repairs damaged cells and dramatically firms and hydrates the skin.
June Jacobs Advanced Cell Repair Serum - Treat - Serums - Calm and Repair - 1 fl oz - 213-102
This replenishing gel serum is formulated with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, a natural component of the human body which attracts and retains moisture in the skin.
June Jacobs Raspberry Recovery Serum - Treat - Serums - Calm and Repair - 1 fl oz - 213-105
This soothing serum helps relieve skin of inflammation and irritation, reducing redness with concentrated raspberry extract. 
June Jacobs Age Defying Copper Serum - Treat - Serums - Firm and Tone - 1 fl oz - 213-104

This powerful age defying serum with a multi-mineral complex helps to increase skin elasticity, tighten sagging skin and improve skin texture and tone.

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